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kubernetes + cert-manager + let's encrypt

09/20/2018 07:54:46 In Black T. Blog
lets-encrypt, kubernetes, ingress, cert-manager, helm
Criando seu certificao SSL com a integracao entre kubernetes e lets-encrypt utilizando cert-manager.

AWS ALB Ingress Controller for Kubernetes doesnt work

09/15/2018 03:10:19 In Black T. Blog
kubernetes, amazon, aws, kube-aws, alb, aws-alb-ingress-controller
Fix AWS ALB ingress controller

Kubernetes - killing pod

08/15/2018 18:07:28 In Black T. Blog
kubernetes, pod, force, patch, docker
kubernetes - killing pod who do not want to die.

Slackware Love!

06/30/2018 16:53:16 In Black T. Blog

Docker + LXC Proxmox

06/10/2018 06:18:32 In Black T. Blog
docker, lxc, proxmox, operation not permitted, failed to write
Using Docker inside Proxmox LXC (Centos 7)

Ansible Playbook: Docker 17.03.2 (Rancher 2.0)

06/10/2018 04:56:07 In Black T. Blog
ansible, docker, 17 03 2, rancher 2 0, kubernetes, docker-17 03 2

Proxmox LXC + NFS Client

05/02/2018 01:04:31 In Black T. Blog
proxmox, lxc, nfs client
Proxmox LXC and NFS Client working fine!

Resize Disk RancherOS

02/03/2018 02:31:05 In Black T. Blog