Black Tourmaline IT Services

A little bit about our services

We have great passion.  Different profiles that seek the challenge of presenting a quality service to our clients. The differential that inspires us is created by the constant search for social and personal development, together with the experience of more than a decade.

We work for multinational companies as well as small offices. We perform project management in gantt mode as well as in lean mode.

We are motivated by the certainty of the operation of your services. This is the only way to be calm. We are Black Tourmaline.

Tecnical Knowledge

Linux, Red-Hat, Debian, Slackware, and others flavors;

Elasticsearch, Kafka, Cassandra, Mongodb, Influxdb;

Qemu, KVM, vmware, proxmox and starting with openstack;

Kubernetes, Rancher, Docker, Nexus, Kong, APIs;

Shell-Script, Python, Django, AngularJS;

IPv4, firewalls, Layer 3, Layer 2, starting with Open vSwitch and IPv6;

Asterisk, H323, IVRs integrated with database and more;

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